Hear from sales and marketing leaders

Paul has been providing consulting services for my Product Mkt group at Salesforce for over a year and is fantastic. He covers the full range of Product Marketing, Social content, whitepapers. Without any loss of quality his turnaround is nothing short of miraculous at crunch times! I highly recommend him.
— Keri Brooke, VP Product Marketing, Salesforce
Paul is by far the most talented and productive product marketing professional I have encountered in more than 25 years of tech marketing experience. He’s the total package — articulate in all forms, analytical, super creative and highly productive. He understands better than most what product marketing needs to accomplish in order to drive sales. Salespeople love his content because it’s always practical, relevant and timely.
— David Downing, CMO, NetSuite
Paul is one of the best product marketing experts I have had the chance to work with. He has great ideas, a sharp mind, knows how to craft a compelling, engaging, and persuasive story, and is a great writer. He just gets it
— Robert Israch, CMO, Tipalti
Paul has a special talent in being able to bridge the gap between technology, marketing, and finance in a passionate and collaborative way. He has a deep understanding of technology and a good business sense with products and the marketplace. I often asked Paul to help me with presentations to investors and Wall Street analysts where he would not only demo our products and explain the technology but also engage in discussions about our business strategy and the market landscape
— Jon Pexton, CFO, Progrexion
Paul has added immediate value at Workday and has been instrumental in driving a key initiative forward. Paul is brilliant when it comes to taking complex concepts and telling a very simple story that can be consumed by the field. Paul is pragmatic, follows through and gets things done!!
— Yamini Rangan, Vice President Sales Strategy and Operations, Workday
Paul brings the perfect mix of marketing genius and sales savvy. His ability to provide insightful competitive analysis and messaging is world class. With an impressive world view of the financial software landscape, he understands the needs for ROI tools for late stage prospects, as well as thought leadership pieces to keep Adaptive front of mind with less engaged prospects.
— Leslie Chernak, Sales Executive, Adaptive Insights
Paul brought to the team considerable expertise and flair; he made an immediate impact both in a Product Management & Marketing capacity. Paul used his in depth BI domain knowledge to position and deliver new strategic products; and also sales, marketing & demo material of the highest standard.
— Anthony Hutchins, Board Member, OpenSymmetry
Paul is one of the strongest individuals I know when it comes to understanding and articulating his knowledge of analytics tools and BI in general. Paul would make a significant impact to any marketing organization looking to improve its solution’s sales messaging as well as guiding its future products road map.
— Bernie Kassar, Chief Customer Officer, Xactly Corp
Paul is one of best techno-commercial people I have met. He is able to combine his superb technical skills with his deep knowledge of the BI marketplace to provide solutions for the customer.
— Hemanta Banerjee, Founder, Just Analytics
Paul is an outstanding marketing leader and an absolute pleasure to work with. In working with Paul, we got the creativity and output of a comprehensive marketing team. Through interviews with the sales and exec teams, Paul was able to come up to speed on our industry very quickly and begin driving new marketing initiatives. Over the past 18 months, Paul was involved in virtually every one of our marketing campaigns, spearheading our website refresh, marketing collateral, virtual product demos, ROI calculators, and competitive cheatsheets. Paul’s collateral covered an extremely wide breadth, including buyer’s guides, in-depth product sheets, executive briefs, and customer success stories. Looking forward to working with Paul again!
— Aaron Kur, VP of Sales, Ambra Health
I have worked with Paul across multiple technical products lines. He is able to think through strategy and approach among executive audiences, industry verticals, and line of business leaders. His work is both unique and impeccable.
— Michele Pilgrim, VP Marketing, Delphix
Paul is an extraordinarily talented and productive marketing executive. At NetSuite, I have been impressed by the prolificacy and quality of his work. I have worked closely with Paul on several key projects including the overhaul of the product pages on NetSuite’s Website and the creation of a CFO-level revenue recognition whitepaper on EITF 08-01. As the domain expert over the related product area, I was extremely impressed with Paul’s articulation of the business case, understanding of the domain and the speed of his production.
— Darren Linscott, Director Product Management, Google
I had many opportunities to work with Paul on strategic partnerships including Google, IBM and Intel. Deliverables include value props, press releases, case studies, white papers and ROI webinars. His contribution to our partnerships are invaluable and helped to “move the needle” toward our corporate objectives. Paul’s quick thinking, creativity, speed and efficiency are just incredible and extremely fun to work with. He has overachieved each and every time. I look forward to “partnering” with him more on future projects
— Daniel Chang, Vice President, Business Development,
Paul is an exceptional product marketer and one of the best at creating thoughtful content - whether that is for demand generation or sales tools. I’ve had the pleasure of having Paul on my team directly, as well as consulting roles and he excels at both. He’s always full of ideas for new white paper angles and sales tools that help move deals through the pipe. Buyer’s Guides are also a Turner speciality, as are executive briefs and hard hitting collateral. Would highly recommend Paul any day!
— Mini Peiris, CMO, Ambra Health
Paul helped our organization create the right messaging for the mid market and brought a great deal of value to the table as we scaled the organization.
— Dan Nolting, VP Global Financials, Workday
Paul is a brilliant, energetic, creative, and highly effective product marketer. Quick witted with a strong bias for action, Paul is able to quickly develop and implement high impact go-to-market strategies that are compelling, differentiated and consumable. His through-put is simply amazing. Rarely have I worked with someone that can produce as much high quality output as Paul.
— Laurie Wood, Sr. Director Product Marketing, NetSuite