Delighting Sales and Marketing teams with engaging content, effective strategies, and a commitment to success.

Paul is by far the most talented and productive product marketing professional I have encountered in more than 25 years of tech marketing experience. He’s the total package — articulate in all forms, analytical, super creative and highly productive. He understands better than most what product marketing needs to accomplish in order to drive sales. Salespeople love his content because it’s always practical, relevant and timely.
— David Downing, CMO,
Paul is one of the best product marketing experts I have had the chance to work with. He has great ideas, a sharp mind, knows how to craft a compelling, engaging, and persuasive story, and is a great writer. He just gets it
— Robert Israch, CMO, Tipalti
Paul did a project at my company that was very strategic for us. It was incredibly valuable, as he has a great ability to get to the stuff that really matters, and focus there. He is a good, clear thinker and communicator and was great to work with. It was a great experience working with Paul
— Mark Selcow, Venture Partner, Costanoa Venture Capital
Paul has a special talent in being able to bridge the gap between technology, marketing, and finance in a passionate and collaborative way. He has a deep understanding of technology and a good business sense with products and the marketplace. I often asked Paul to help me with presentations to investors and Wall Street analysts where he would not only demo our products and explain the technology but also engage in discussions about our business strategy and the market landscape
— Jon Pexton, CFO, Progrexion
Paul is a marketer and technologist extraordinaire. I don’t know anyone else who closes the gap so well. Bridging this divide brings different stakeholders together to find common ground. It also makes Paul come up with uniquely creative insights, with the data savvy to back those up. Always a delight to work with him.
— Paul Gupta, Data Geek, Facebook
Paul is an extraordinarily talented and productive marketing executive. At NetSuite, I have been impressed by the prolificacy and quality of his work. I have worked closely with Paul on several key projects including the overhaul of the product pages on NetSuite’s Website and the creation of a CFO-level revenue recognition whitepaper on EITF 08-01. As the domain expert over the related product area, I was extremely impressed with Paul’s articulation of the business case, understanding of the domain and the speed of his production.
— Darren Linscott, Director Product Management, Google
Paul is simply one of the best Product Marketing individuals that I have ever worked with. At Adaptive he completely revamped the marketing collateral and revolutionized the way that we present our materials to prospects and customers. He created a material rich environment with product and vertical specific collateral that allowed us to focus on a consultative approach to sales
— Jeff Bakus, Sales Director, Oracle
I had many opportunities to work with Paul on strategic partnerships including Google, IBM and Intel. Deliverables include value props, press releases, case studies, white papers and ROI webinars. His contribution to our partnerships are invaluable and helped to “move the needle” toward our corporate objectives. Paul’s quick thinking, creativity, speed and efficiency are just incredible and extremely fun to work with. He has overachieved each and every time. I look forward to “partnering” with him more on future projects
— Daniel Chang, Sr Director Business Development,
Paul brings the perfect mix of marketing genius and sales savvy. His ability to provide insightful competitive analysis and messaging is world class. With an impressive world view of the financial software landscape, he understands the needs for ROI tools for late stage prospects, as well as thought leadership pieces to keep Adaptive front of mind with less engaged prospects.
— Leslie Chernak, Sales Executive, Adaptive Insights
Paul is a brilliant, energetic, creative, and highly effective product marketer. Quick witted with a strong bias for action, Paul is able to quickly develop and implement high impact go-to-market strategies that are compelling, differentiated and consumable. His through-put is simply amazing. Rarely have I worked with someone that can produce as much high quality output as Paul.
— Laurie Wood, Sr. Director Product Marketing, NetSuite