Corporate communications effectiveness

Equip your PR team with the content they need to be effective so they're empowered to drive it across every channel. With deep multi-product category experience, we can help you create and edit press releases for maximum impact, build a blog calendar (and write the content), and create byline articles for your PR team to pitch and place. We'll even help define and manage your analyst strategy and messaging.

Lead generation program enablement

We'll help your demand generation team engage your audience and increase your inbound and outbound leads. We build out personas for targeting and develop content that speaks to prospect needs. Whether your demand generation team needs whitepaper assets for email campaigns and content syndication, rapid webinar and seminar content development/delivery, or simply email topics and copy, you get proven bench strength for your programs.

Sales enablement and effectiveness

Your sales team is a valuable investment, and we'll help you get the most out of it. Equip your sales team with call scripts geared towards industry and personas - whether converting a lead to an opportunity, or for that first sales call. Throughout the sales process, Skyview can enable your sales team with compelling sales presentations, objection handling guides, and even step-by-step demo guides to highlight differentiators or position landmines.

Product launch messaging and roadmap development

Turn every launch feature into competitive advantage and leadership evidence, and ensure your roadmap is geared towards driving sales. We'll build a complete launch calendar, ensuring alignment with key market drivers, and even create launch presentations that can be confidently shared with analysts and influencers. Transform your product roadmap into a thematic thought leadership tool and sales driver, and turn features into powerful benefits and differentiators.

Product strategy creation and review

Identify market opportunities,  segment your products, and realize fruitful product and partnership opportunities. With deep experience in a broad range of B2B software categories including ERP/Accounting, CRM, HCM, CPM, SPM, Business Intelligence, and Analytics, you'll benefit from a big picture evaluation and recommendations that you can trust based on years of experience.

Pricing and packaging recommendations and rollout

Navigating pricing and package models from role based pricing, editions, usage and value based pricing, as well as midmarket and enterprise packaging models can sometimes be daunting. It helps to have a partner who can guide you with the options based on seeing what works best with sales organizations and B2B customers. Our experience working with a broad range of pricing and packaging models accelerates your time to market and competitiveness.